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You did something PR people never do - but should. Looked at my Twitter feed and made it personal. Thanks for getting in touch! This is really interesting, and I appreciate your kind words about my article and well wishes for our move! Thanks for reaching out! Appreciate the personalized email. And when the story comes out about your new study? You get top-tier backlinks and an extremely authoritative brand mention. Or maybe this. Weve earned coverage like this in nearly every niche, from national news sites to regional publications. Your results will vary based on your industry and the objective of each project, but we will strategize the best options with you and set realistic expectations. Were the best at what we do because were constantly surveying, interviewing, and collaborating with the webs top publishers to learn more about what they want from brands.
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The more links you have and the more relevant the citation and source, the more your website will be considered to be trusted. Naturally, sites with more backlinks will usually achieve higher rankings. Link Building PR. Referring domain quality. PR and content strategy. Press release drafting. PR Agency collab. Link Building PR. We can help you develop a strong backlink profile through ethical practice. We never engage in black hat techniques; if you're' after quick and discounted results you've' come to the wrong place. What we will do is work from a campaign perspective, helping you to focus on what is best about your business, and how that connects to current affairs. Building social and press friendly campaigns is essential in the chasing of natural and relevant links. We never buy, borrow or exchange links.
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How do you check your backlink profile? There are several platforms or tools you can use, and many offer free trials. Theres Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, Link Research Tools, and more. Each of these has slightly different capabilities, but all provide backlink analysis and insights. My favourite tool for backlinks is Ahrefs, as I find this to have the most comprehensive results, and is known to have the best link data in the industry. Ahrefs link intersect and domain comparison insights are useful when looking to gain an edge over your competitors. It shows you domains that link to competitors but not you, so you can incorporate these insights into your digital PR strategy to close the gap. Top-level insights to consider. When inputting a website URL into Ahrefs, youll get a ton of data. With time, you will understand how to navigate and what to look out for, but initially, to get a quick idea of how your site is performing, focus on these metrics.:
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The best way to do this is by creating informative press materials that can be easily altered to fit your recipient's' needs. When it comes to securing coverage or leads of any kind, the best way to make yourself known is through a friendly email. The email itself should be crafted specifically for that person by including their name in the email and a mention of their work. If they know you are familiar with their work, they will be more willing to follow through with your pitch. Although the email should be personalized, you can stick to a template to save time in composing the emails. A press release can help you secure high-quality backlinks automatically when you publish it through a distribution channel such as PR News Wire or PR Log.
What is Digital PR? and How It Improves Your Ranking.
Check out those mentions and if they dont include links to your website or the content piece youre promoting, get in touch to see if the editor would be open to updating a link to your website. How Digital PR Benefits Your Business. Digital PR has many direct and indirect benefits to businesses. Set goals for your digital PR campaign before you start so that you can track how well it performs. Here are the main benefits youll want to look out for and set goals around when running a digital PR campaign.: Improve SEO and rankings - Publishing on high-authority websites and getting links to your website will push you up the rankings for your target keywords. The higher up you rank on Google, the more traffic will come to your website. As John Mueller said, Digital PR is in many cases even more critical than tech SEO for gaining good rankings. Again, spammy link building also doesnt count here and wont help in the long run - were really talking about getting good, relevant links here.
Build a Better Backlink Strategy: 6 Ways to Improve Your SEO Rankings through Content and PR Eucalypt.
Backlinks also represent trust in your brand, and by seeking out organic connections from sites that actually see the value in your content, youll be able to showcase your brand as a valuable and trustworthy voice in your industry and beyond. Interested in learning more about building strong backlinks through content and PR? Get in touch for an introductory call. Kathryn Hawkins is principal and chief content strategist of Eucalypt Media. She has worked as a freelance journalist for media publications and managed inbound marketing and content strategy for corporate and nonprofit clients for more than a decade. Latest from the Blog. Build a Better Backlink Strategy: 6 Ways to Improve Your SEO Rankings through Content and PR. Learn why HARO, PR campaigns, guest blogging, research reports, expert round-ups, and infographics are some of our favorite strategies for building backlinks-and why pay to play backlink strategies often backfire. What to Expect in an Introductory Call with a Content Marketing Agency. Eucalypt Managing Director, Kathryn Hawkins, shares advice on what to expect in an introductory call with a content marketing agency and how you can prepare to get the most from the discussion.
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But the main reason SEOs get so excited about them is that they directly correlate with rankings: the more good-quality, relevant backlinks your site has, the higher in the SERPs it should appear. Digital PR is now a go-to link-building technique for any search marketer worth their salt, and not without reason.
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