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Build a Better Backlink Strategy: 6 Ways to Improve Your SEO Rankings through Content and PR Eucalypt.
Backlinks also represent trust in your brand, and by seeking out organic connections from sites that actually see the value in your content, youll be able to showcase your brand as a valuable and trustworthy voice in your industry and beyond. Interested in learning more about building strong backlinks through content and PR? Get in touch for an introductory call. Kathryn Hawkins is principal and chief content strategist of Eucalypt Media. She has worked as a freelance journalist for media publications and managed inbound marketing and content strategy for corporate and nonprofit clients for more than a decade. Latest from the Blog. Build a Better Backlink Strategy: 6 Ways to Improve Your SEO Rankings through Content and PR. Learn why HARO, PR campaigns, guest blogging, research reports, expert round-ups, and infographics are some of our favorite strategies for building backlinks-and why pay to play backlink strategies often backfire. What to Expect in an Introductory Call with a Content Marketing Agency. Eucalypt Managing Director, Kathryn Hawkins, shares advice on what to expect in an introductory call with a content marketing agency and how you can prepare to get the most from the discussion.
How to build backlinks.
Theres a really cool Chrome Extension called Check My Links, which can be used to find broken links on a website. Write guest blog posts: Almost as important as blogging on your own site, writing guest blog posts for other industry sites is a great way to get backlinks. For example, our Chief Content Officer routinely writes blog posts for, a digital marketing lead generation aggregator. But make sure youre only writing guests posts for sites with a higher domain authority than your own. Develop relationships with industry-related websites and watch the backlinks roll in. Lets be honest, not many sites are going to turn away free, high-quality content. Use link roundups: Whats a link roundup? Were glad you asked. Link roundups are daily, weekly or monthly blog posts or email newsletters that highlight the most recent stories, articles or blog posts for a given topic or industry. A simple Google search for your keyword link roundup will display some resources. You can reach out to them directly to ask that they link to your content. Build an infographic: Good infographics are link bait, plain and simple.
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And do you really think it would be natural for Google to see 500,000, links come to your site all of a sudden? The answer is Duck No. Avoid Fiverr for backlinks. Evaluating a Potential Backlink Opportunity. Here is a video talking about a guest post opportunity I was presented with, but that I ultimately deemed to be a bad idea. In the video, I talk briefly about some warning signs and walk through my thought process on why it was a good idea to not pursue this link opportunity. How To Build High-Quality Backlinks, In The Proper Order. Hopefully, by now, you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of backlinks.: What they are. Why they are important. How to evaluate them. Which ones to avoid. If so, then it's' time to get building. We like to build backlinks in a certain order that follows the most natural progression of backlink types that a website would pick up if they were just doing what most people do. Foundational Social Profiles. Foundational Business Directories. General Business Directories. Niche Business Directories. Location Business Directories. General Business Authority links. Industry Authority links. Extra Social Profiles. Web 2.0 Blogs.
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Page has quality content. Page appears in the SERPs. Page has user-generated content. Page is popular in social media. Page has keyword-optimized anchor text. Youll note that relevancy is listed as 1, ahead of PageRank. For example, lets say that The New York Times runs an article about a recent earthquake. They interview you about damage to your local boutique, and the journalist is nice enough to link to your boutiques website. You just got a high PR backlink, but it has absolutely no relevancy to the article. You'd' probably be better off with a backlink from a fashion website, even if it had lower PR. Backlinks Are for Getting Referral Traffic, Not Rankings. Backlink building has always been considered a SEO tactic to get higher in the SERPs. But your backlink building techniques shouldn't' be about SEO. Backlinks should be about getting referral traffic. Guest blogging is now considered the best backlink building method.
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Anchor text helps search engines understand what the website is about and when to show your site on searches. Have tracking in place. Tracking is one of the most fundamental parts of any digital activity. Having analytics, conversion and keyword rankings tracking set-up lets you test, improve and concentrate on strategies and tactics that bring the most return on investment. Link building done right has a huge impact on your brand and your websites ability to generate leads. You should definitely avoid link building packages, promises of guaranteed rankings or unnatural links, and focus on creating quality content to get high value mentions. If youre looking to develop your SEO and PR work, you can find out more about our B2B content creation or B2B technology PR consultancy services or get in touch with one of our team. Tags: Earned Media, PR Advice. ITPR to provide B2B Tech PR in Manchester. Topics: News, B2B marketing, PR Team. How do you measure B2B Digital PR? Topics: PR Advice, Digital PR, PR measurement. Three Top Tips for B2B Digital PR Success.
How to Leverage PR to Improve Visibility and Get Backlinks Foster Web Marketing.
You can also subscribe to industry RSS feeds or set up alerts that help you find and share relevant content with your readers. If youre looking for new PR opportunities, you can use the Twitter listening function in the Social Media Tool to monitor for keywords like interview lawyer or find personal injury lawyer interview. And, of course, the Tool makes it easy to create messages on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites to let people know that youre getting involved. Promote Educational Content. If you are really engaged with a particular charity or issue that is relevant to what you do, considering creating some content or infographics on the topic. You can promote these pieces of content as educational resources, which can be strong backlink bait. This lets you reach more people with your message, and it often generates high-quality links back to your website. For example, we posted some content about the high rate of attorney suicides and how to get help. Its an issue that we feel strongly about, and its been the source of a number of inquiries and quality backlinks over time.
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When a site gives a Dofollow link, it is essentially them saying, I endorse this website. When using Dofollow links on your website, you want to make sure they are going to credible, high-authority sites. This helps the Google search algorithm see your site as credible as well. A nofollow link doesnt have much influence on building a pages authority in search. Essentially, a Nofollow link tells a search engine to ignore the link. Nofollow links are typically used when referencing a problematic website or in the comments section of a blog where users are allowed to post their own links. For example, WordPress automatically marks backlinks left in the comments section as Nofollow to restrict businesses from spamming the comments with links to build their own domain authority. FURTHER READING: SEO For Humans. Getting high-quality backlinks to your site takes some elbow grease, but it pays off with a successful campaign. 7 Smart Strategies to Get SEO Backlinks from PR.: Now, as weve established, a Dofollow backlink from a highly-trafficked and respected website can move the needle when it comes to search. But how do you go about earning quality backlinks from authoritative sites?
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This is a great overarching metric to monitor and strive to improve, as it helps you to understand your relative competitiveness. The total number of backlinks. The total number of links pointing to your site is important to note. If this number is low, it may be the reason why your page isnt ranking well. You should benchmark your total links against competitors. The total number of referring domains. Referring domains is the total number of actual websites that are pointing to your site. Some websites will link to you multiple times, but this is one referring domain. Increasing your number of referring domains is a common strategic goal in digital PR, as there is a positive correlation between the number of unique referring domains and the amount of search traffic a website receives. Referring domain trends. Websites will naturally acquire links, but its important for a site to continually earn links from new domains, and youll want your number of referring domains to be on an upward trend. Deeper insights to consider. This is important and certain anchor text can help keyword search terms. Google wants to see anchor text that displays diversity.

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